About Al Sultan Sweets

Al Sultan Sweets Campany, was created in Damascus, Syria in 1997.  Specialized in the production of Oriental and Arabic pastries , with a wide range of products , as well as different packaging.

Our notoriety and success has allowed us to conquer the UAE pastry market , with 9 branches in different Cities , and headquartered in Dubai  .

Despite strong competition on the market, Al Sultan Sweets Company, has kept its place , thanks to the quality , flavours and the high variety of its pastries, as well as our services dedicated to our customers . 

Each pastry, is made of healthy and organic products. Like vegetable margarine , almonds and pistachios grown by passionate farmers,  under the Mediterranean sun . 

Proof of dedication and cleanliness , we were certified by the International Standardization Organization in 2008. 

In 2010, we won the Guiness World Record Award, for the biggest pastry box with a length of 120 Meters , 120 of width and 606200 as pieces of pastries. We were also selected , the best pastry in the Arab World in 2013. 

All our products , are carefully and nicely packaged on the spot , in different forms of box , according to the customer’s request . We also have , gift boxes that protect pastries from long journeys.  

In recent years , our market has expanded globally , allowing us to export to Canada , Europe, USA , and soon all over the World.   

By combining the real expertise , the right ingredients and the good method. We guarantee you the taste , the freshness and the flavor .